Posting on uwuenergy.com

What are your rules on posting messages and/or comments on uwuenergy.com?

We welcome our fans to post messages and thoughts on uwuenergy.com, but kindly ask that all user comments abide by the posting guidelines below. Please note that any comments or posts may be removed at the sole discretion of uwuenergy.com. Thanks so much for your understanding!

- Please do not post any content that may be considered offensive, controversial or inappropriate to uwuenergy.com or its visitors in any manner.

- Please do not include images or references of any activity that may be considered unlawful or inappropriate to uwuenergy.com.

- Please do not include business advertising.

- Please do not include content that may violate the integrity or reputation of UwU Energy, UwU Energy Intellectual Properties or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.

- Please do not include content that may cause legal liability to UwU Energy or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.


Iā€™m looking for an item/design that I remember from the past. Do you still carry it?

Our product line is constantly changing, thus making it difficult to get items that are older, as they’re no longer available.

What is "My Wish List" and how does it work?

Put the products you want into your wish list and share your list with your family and friends.

On any product page, click the "Add to Wish List" link above the product description.
Go to "My Wish List" under "My Account" or click this link.
Share your wish list with others.

What is "Share this item" on the product pages and how does it work?

Underneath the "ADD TO BAG" button on each product page, there are 5 ways you can share this product with others. Simply select one and tell your friends and family about the product.

You may also share your wishlist by clicking on the envelope icon in the wishlist popup window accessible by clicking the heart on the site.


Why may there be shipping delays?

Due to delivery constraints with our couriers they're may be delays with shipping out each products. There are certain holidays throughout the year where orders may not be processed and will be only processed right after the holiday season for our couriers is over. We will announce if delays like this will happen through either newsletter or site.

Why hasn't my order arrived yet? Its been 14 days.

All orders take 3-5 business days to process. After which all order will take roughly 7-25 or more business days to ship. This is subject to change when holiday season is near for all of our couriers abroad.

Any more questions regarding shipping please refer to the shipping policy

Refund & Replacement

My order hasn't arrived may I get a replacement?

Please allow a wait time of 2 weeks before contacting customer service of missing items. After 2 weeks have passed you may contact oh_hi_oh@uwuenergy.com for customer service for further assistance in which we may require evidence of package not being received.

Any more questions regarding refunds and/or replacements please refer to the refund policy.